New to Twickenham Cygnets FC? 
Here's all you need to know and do 
to get your daughter signed up.
Player Registration:
All players are required to be registered with The FA in order to participate in league matches or tournaments. To complete this, please follow these 2 simple steps:

Step 1: (information required by the club)
Please scroll down and complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Step 2 (information required by The FA)
All players require parent / guardian consent to play for a club. This step is completed by following the instructions below:

1. If you don't already have one, create a FA Number (FAN) and profile for yourself by visiting:
2. Once done, you will see the option to "add another person" to your profile. Please add your daughter's details and upload a head shot following the guidelines provided. Your daughter will now have their own FAN linked to your profile.
3. When completed, email with the full name and date of birth used to create your daughter's FAN. Both pieces of information are required to allow us to find your daughter's details details on the FA database.
4. Next, you will receive an email directly from The FA requesting consent for your daughter to play for Twickenham Cygnets FC. This email may end up in a junk folder. 
5. Once you have provided consent, the club is able to submit your daughter's registration to play in the Surrey Women & Girls League. 

Thank you.