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TCFC Parent Charter:
As the club continues to grow, we request parents / carers agree to the following to help the club continue to be a safe, organised and fun environment for your daughter to enjoy and develop.

Commitment  – learning together is fundamental to the successful development of a team. By joining the club, you agree your daughter will attend a minimum of 80%* of training sessions and matches throughout the season.

Punctual – your daughter is expected to arrive before the agreed start time, ensuring her team are properly prepared for matches and training. Any player arriving late is expected to wait until a formal break to avoid disrupting a session in progress.

Prepared – players must have the required kit for training and match days including correct footwear, shin pads and water bottle and understand certain kit items (i.e. match day shirt, shorts and socks) are only worn on match days.

Responsive – a response to Teamer invitations is required by 5pm every Thursday to help Team Leads plan appropriately. 

Encouragement – your support and appreciation of effort are welcomed by all our teams. Please resist any directional / coaching advice during games. To help development, players rely on Team Leads for guidance as well as the opportunity to problem solve on the pitch without any additional intervention which can distract and confuse. Any parent interested in becoming a Team Lead or Coach should contact the club

Responsibility – you explicitly understand you are responsible for your child’s welfare during all club activities including getting to and from activities. If you are unavailable to attend any club activity in person, then you must either appoint a responsible adult (U8 to U11 age groups) or are providing your consent for your daughter (U12+) to make her own travel arrangements to and from club activities. 

Support – as a volunteer run club, you will offer to help if able to do so. All help is appreciated and specific vacancies are available here:

Thank you for your continued support.

* unless pre-agreed by the club

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